Monday, April 5, 2010

Upcoming Events

YO! Been a while since we posted up on this shindig, but rest assured, we've been busy working on new mixes and remix ideas. But in the meantime, here is a list of some of our upcoming events:

Tia Lous 4.7 (wednesday)
- specials___$3 Crown
$2 Coors/Bud Lite

Tiki Bob's 4.16 (friday)
- tell us how many people you wanna bring and we can get you in with no cover!
- sailor jerry's liquor sponsor
- theme: SPRING FLING Your Clothes Off!
- we might be wearing something new....

In the meantime, check out our mixtape assembled recently to amp yourselves @

Peace Playas

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This iS How We RAAGE!

Yo this is 1Z blowing your shit up. Last weekend Blackout and I decided to throw down some sick ass tracks and turn the average house party into a serious rager.
Place: Ghetto Escondido
Reason: Alisha's Birthday
Drunk: You betcha.

The party was a bunch of fun. People were loving the music and dancing their asses off. We were able to use two turntables and Serato Scratch Live which was a fun change from VDJ.
ummm, thats about all I can really remember from the night. That in itself shows how good it was.

In other news, Blackout and I have been expanding our equipment. We now own a mini keyboard from KORG, an awesome keyboard sythn from Casio, and a sick drumpad. Oh and we have ableton. We are set for making music and be on the lookout for some of our remixes. Some awesome shit will be coming your way soon. BE STOKED!

Onesie Crew Rage

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crescent Bar Here I COME!

Dear Lord,
Me: Can you quit having school being a gnarly bitch so i can focus on recordng some music for our listeners?
The Dude: No
Me: That's it? Not even a maybe?
The Dude: No
Me: Well then how bout you throw us some gigs so we can make some money and buy a motha fucking MIDI keyboard?
The Dude: For sure
While it wasn't that simple, that's pretty much what has been going down lately.  Tha Crew has been pretty busy with school, music, and partying.  We got two gigs through school in the next month and we're almost ready to sign with an entertainment group, so expect to hear us recording some stuff soon with some funky instrumentation from our new keyboard :)
By the way, check our myspace page ( and check our a picture that pretty much sums up our performances.

"I am gonna write this paper! As soon as i finish FIFA"
The Onesie Crew

Friday, May 8, 2009

Re-Do 5/6-5/8

What a ridiculous week...
As i've been saying the last couple of posts, the Crew are all ready to record except we ran into more computer problems.  Blackout's computer busted it's audio hard drive so that had to be reinstalled, but then somehow during that process, a virus got into it and really slowed it down (i mean epic failure) which made it nearly impossible to install the audio hard ware.  So that meant rooting out the virus, which increased the speed, but probably also took out some key operating functions so the computer is not operating at 100% still. 
Next, the search for the house went poor again in that we're being told 'no' by the owner's wife, but 'maybe' by the owner.  The conclusion we've come to is: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER because we would love to take over your house and throw some ragers :)
So other than trying to perform damage control all week, the Crew are gonna head into this weekend with a vengence since we couldn't dj last weekend.  Therefore if we get some live recordings from this weekend, then ya'll better check them out because we've been amassing some floor bangers.  Peace out beotch!

with love
the Onesie Crew

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Drug Dealer Girl

I'm not gonna lie...
...this has nothing to with a drug dealer other than the fact that we heard this fantastic song by Mike Posner with that as the title.  It's a little cheesy, but he pulls it off in a manner like he meant to make it that way, which is kinna cool.  He's also supported by the DJ Benzi out of Atlanta who does some good mixtapes so give it a shot for a free download on iTunes.  The name of the album is "A Matter of Time"
Onto the news that is the news in our world, we recorded some new material.  This is purely a demo in nature, but we plan to make some similar techno-based stuff in the near future using these transfer techniques so be sure to comment either here or at to let us know how it sounds. 
We also just got a copy of Ableton 7.0 that we're gonna install in the next couple of days.  If this works out properly and we can get the midi controller to cooperate, our goal is to start pumping out some remixes.  Specifically, we were thinking about "Love in this Club" by Usher, "Drug Dealer Girl" by Mike Posner, and a special song that will definitely throw you for a loop :).
Well I gotta bail and head off to physics and polyscience, so ya'll enjoy your day and hopefully it's sunny where you are because that means Vitamin D production, girls in skirts, etc. So peace out Crew faithful

The Onesie Crew
fuck yo couch

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recap of 4/24-4/25

Lets just begin by saying wow...both good and bad.  
The bad: djed a sweet sixteen last night with some bitchy ass kids, like the most stuck up rich white kids i have ever met.  But i still think that we killed it on the tables, it was just that the party wasn't exactly set up for our style of music.  Also, while it was nowhere near as bad as the kids' attitude, you should've seen DJ 1Z's outfit: a gey-blue shirt, maroon tie, black pants, and green-brown shoes, which makes for one hell of a color clashing outfit.
The good: meet some fantastic people with the Premier Entertainment group, got some good connects to UW, and some free drinks, which you always have to love.  So hopefully our hard work last night will get us a good opportunity to expand our name and style.  Also, i looked baller in my black outfit with a green and white tie purchased from the excellent Value Village for $2.  
So overall, the night was great, got some more insight into the business aspect of the industry and got to show a multitude of people the talen that the Onesie Crew possesses.  We'll get some pictures up here soon, but i gotta find my phone since i lost it at the bar with free drinks :) and we gotta go look for a house to live in for next year.  Enjoy your motha fuckin Sunday and hopefully you start off the last week of April appropriately.

Tha Onesie Crew
we're just ballin on a budget

Friday, April 24, 2009

Onesie Crew Adventure #1

 So last night 1Z and I threw together a nice little mix as a demo for a school function. Considering that we had to change our entire set up of hardware/software in order to allow for the recording to happen and we haven't been able to do any post-recording editting, we're pretty satisfied with it. That being said, I hope we get a chance to re-record it and iron out some minor details to make the mix hit harder and flow smoother. The link below will take you to our page on where you can listen and download the song for free if you'd like.  
On Saturday we have a meeting with an entertainment group where we might play a few songs at a Bar Mitzvah (haha) so expect to hear from us again on either Sunday or Monday. We're going to go enjoy the motha fuckin sun, cause it's out and that is never the case in Seattle!

Da Onesie Crew
We will rule you on the floor